My axioms
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My “axioms”

  Issue that is well known becomes an axiom.

How Universe is arranged? What do we know about it? How well do we know its laws?

“Three Whales” of the UniverseI think Universe is unknown for us more than 99,9999999%! And it’s not exaggeration [1].

However, there have been always people who definitely knew that Earth is flat; that there is no God; that the millennium ends on 31.12.1999; that human came of ape; that genetics, cybernetics and astrology are false doctrines; that electromagnetic waves can propagate, even in emptiness; that matter came first...

Unfortunately, the list is very long.

Everyone agreed with “experts”. Some agreed because were afraid to leave this world preterm, but majority agreed because they were absolutely not interested how everything is really arranged.

Though, there have been people that wanted to get at the heart of the truth and very often they found out that the truth doesn’t match with the “single right” scientific opinion. I am not saying it about myself!

I wasn’t searching for the truth professionally, but I’m not used to say when I see white, say with everyone that it is black. Some of the contradictions are so obvious for me that I see them as axioms:

  1. Consciousness is material, matter is conscious
  2. Every random event is determined
  3. Any emptiness is filled
  4. Any silence is filled with sounds
  5. Any continuity is being discrete
  6. Any line is an arch
  7. Russian doll is the model of Universe
  8. Zero is not equal to null!
  9. Zero is equal to hyperunity
  10. Axioms of existence

As long as these axioms are mine, I’ve tried to ground my point of view also for others. Maybe they’re going to be your axioms as well...

  1. Alexander Kotlin. Remedy for arrogance, or formula of ignorance. –

November 4, 2009